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For the alumni, families, and friends  of Camp Wyanoke, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire (1909 - 1975),
and Camp Winnemont, Mt. Whittier, New Hampshire (1919 - 1963)



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April 6, 2017


 June 24, 2017 at Hopkins'place in New London, NH

News flash………………plans are in motion for Wyanoke Reunion 2017 – in New London NH.  We are looking at the weekend of June 24 & 25 as the dates for this special event.

New London is in central NH;  just off I-89 (exit 11).  NL is about 40 minutes north of Concord;  and 30 minutes south of Lebanon/White River Junction. 

The Hopkins’ “Windy Top” family home is there;  with a fantastic view of Mt. Kearsage and also Ragged Mountain. We have 2.5 acres of primarily open land so there ample room for parking (Blues - free; Grays - $25.00), marching, hammock lounging, drone flying, wandering and general loafing around.   Corn-hole and croquette will also be available.  We have a prime campfire site as well; with almost 180° night sky viewing.

The yard can manage a few motor homes, tents or pop-ups if so needed.  No hook-ups, however.   

Pets will be welcome; as our 2 labs Bear (9) & Paddy (4) will be with us that weekend. 

There are several local lodging options; namely: 

The Follansbee Inn, Sutton NH (3 miles from the house; basically a B&B so breakfast only) 

The New London Inn, New London NH (1 mile; full dining room) 

The Fairway Motel, New London NH (0.5 mile; no food services) 

The Inn at Pleasant Lake (2 miles)


I am disheartened to advise you that the four hotels I so carefully researched are all full that weekend; there is some event taking place in the area and so everything that is very local seems to be fully booked. Best to check with them, you never know what might open up.

All are welcome;  and so please begin to look at your 2017 schedule and make sure you fit us in. 

RSVP when convenient to:

Lyn & Jeff Hopkins (’69-’75)
33 Dover Road
Longmeadow MA 01106
Home 413.567.1434
Cell 413.348.6942

More reminders to come as we move closer to the dates. 

And remember…… ya foot ‘in…….


Wyanoke History: 1909 - 1945

Bob Fox's history of Wyanoke to 1945 is in the pipeline, and we plan to have it available by the reunion in June.Some editing and layout are all that's left.

Photographs of Wyanoke and Pictures of Camp Memorabilia Are Still Needed!

Bob Fox has asked that I send out a request for pictures of Wyanoke from 1909 through 1945. He has put together a history of Wyanoke through that period, to be printed in hard copy.

If you have physical photographs you can send copies of them to Tom Falcon at P. O. Box 1718, Wolfeboro, NH 03894. Or, better yet, scan whatever you've got and send them to me, Mike @ (or upload them to Google Docs, DropBox or whatever suite your needs, and send me the link) and I'll take it from there.

Also,If you'd like a copy of this history of Early Wyanoke

Please send me an email (Mike @ Wyanoke).  They plan to go to print in the next couple of months, and they'd like to get a preliminary idea of how many to print. Price, etc. is TBD.


The 2015 Wyanoke Reunion!

The weekend of June 27, 2015 in Cornwall, PA.

That was a fantastic weekend! The spirit of Wyanoke lived on with easy conversations and reminiscences, music, fine food and drink.  The weather didn't cooperate for Saturday - it rained relentlessly and hard all day - so we had to cancel the waterfront activities and stick with wrestling and ping pong.

The picture is of all the Wyanokers who attended:

Back row (L-R): Dave Clemens, Peter Wood, Alan Neagle, Rick Tjader, Dave Ayars, Bob Nickels, Pat Freeland, Dave Bentley, Doug Wilkins

Front Row: Bob Vaughan, Charley Lax, Katie Vaughan-McNulty, Tom Falcon, Mike Freeland

Dave Bentley wrote a very nice encapsulation of the mood of the weekend in the New Council Room forum, HERE. (Scroll to the bottom.)

Pat also wrote a Log for the reunion, which will get posted there soon.


The Golden Arm!

Click HERE to go to the Council Room and hear BMB re-tell the beginning
 of The Golden Arm, 1968

2013 Reunion Video

Speaking of reunions, here, at long last, is about an hour and a half of our reunion in July last summer.  Here it is, newly embedded.


Registering in the Council Room Forum

You do not need to register in the Council Room to read, listen to or download anything (only if you want to participate in the discussions).  It's a good idea to register, though, because it's the only collection of contact information exclusively for Wyanoke alumni in existence.

If you want to register in the Council room, please email me, Mike Freeland (, and I'll pave the way to get it done.  Registration is suspended currently because of an epidemic of phony and robotic advertising registrations.