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This is a compilation of 8mm and Super8 movies shot over 14 summers at Wyanoke, variously by me, Pat Freeland, Tom Falcon and Bob Box.  The entire DVD is accompanied by Pat, me, Doug Wilkins, Ray Hillyard, Katie Vaughan-McNulty and others singing the songs we did at campfires and rainy-day "Camp Jollies".  It runs about 68 minutes

A Snapshot History of Camp Wyanoke 1909 - 1975
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This little 24-page booklet was put together for the reunion and plaque dedication we had in Wolfeboro in 1995.  Mrs. Edna Bentley provided a wealth of documents and memorabilia, and Tom Falcon helped with collecting, sorting, researching and shipping the stuff to me for inclusion in the book.

The items above aren't products in the sense that they're "for sale" in any traditional way.  I've always been reluctant to ask for payment.  The DVD started with my intention to preserve my films from further decay and brittleness.  Forty years take their toll.  Then it turned into a full production.  There's some wonderful footage in it, and everyone I could name is captioned.  Several others helped to identify the people I couldn't attach names to, but there are many others none of us could identify.

The Snapshot History comes along with the DVD.

I've been asking for $10.00 for these things, initially to help cover the cost of the materials.  Now, anything I can get out of these goes into an account I've opened which is devoted exclusively to helping with maintaining the web site.  It's strictly a donation, and I'll be delighted to send it out to you at no charge.  There's so much neat stuff in the DVD, I care more about having everyone see it than getting anything out of it.

Jeff Grush is looking into the possibility of getting some blue and gray hats and/or crew shirts (probably not the striped ones).  If something practical can be done in that area, and there's some interest, they'll appear here.  Those WILL cost something.