Wyanoke Personal Photo Galleries
- Instructions -

You don't need to read most of this if you don't plan to upload any photo albums or add comments!

Go to the gallery

This is a bit more complex than the forum to set up and use, but it's not too bad.  Some things to remember:


  1. Click on the Wyanoke Personal Gallery link.  In the upper right, you'll see the word "register".  Click on it

  2. Enter a user name (no spaces or symbols, just letters and numbers -- also, the user name is case-sensitive for logging in), your real name and your email address (required).  An automatic email will be sent out to you at that email address, containing a link to the site used to finalize the registration process.  (All this is for security, and I can can any interlopers).

  3. Use the link in the email, then follow the instructions.  You do need a password to create albums in this system

Using the Galleries


As I mentioned, you need to register and log in only if you plan to add something to the gallery.  For clarity's sake, here's the terminology:  The Gallery is the top level.  It contains multiple "albums" (displayed with a spiral binder on the left), and the albums contain multiple Images and/or sub-albums, which, of course, can contain photos..  Navigating around the photos etc. is pretty self-explanatory.

    Creating/adding to the gallery

  1. Enter the gallery from the Wyanoke home page.

  2. Register and/or  log in.

  3. In the top gallery page, click on [new album].  The Image screen for your new album will appear, saying "Hey, add some Photos".  To do that, click on the down arrow next to <admin options> and select "add photos". NOTE:  if you have a popup blocker, the add photos screen may be blocked, as will several other, similar screens from the admin options selection list.  If so, you'll have to bypass the popup blocker to get this to work.

    This brings up a tabbed screen, allowing several ways to upload graphics.  For now, and generally for small batches of pictures, use the "form" option.  (The "Applet" selections are for uploading large batches of photos at a time, and will probably ask you to download a Javascript or Java runtime environment files.  You can do that if you choose.  I've used those routines and they're pretty self-explanatory for the computer-minded. )

    When your pictures are finished uploading, click the "dismiss" (!?) button and you'll be returned to the image screen

  4. Now things get more obvious.  Use the <edit photo> dropdown list to do any number of amazing things with the picture(s).  When you're finished with the edits etc, click on "Wyanoke Personal Galleries" at the upper right, to get back to the gallery main screen

  5. Now, PLEASE use the options to change the album name (don't leave it at "Untitled") and add some descriptive text.   Note that you might have to manually reload the galleries page to see your changes.

  6. Please don't delete any (of your own) albums unless you've consolidated a couple or something like that.

Let me know if you need any more info.


Go to the gallery