Jerrey Hoyt -- Places

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The Alter on Sunday

Stage set for Chapel service

The new basketball hoop (behind S-4?)

Campfire site

Boyden Chapel's fireplace & painting

The view of Winter Harbor from the Chapel porch

Another similar view

Dining Hall porch

Dining Hall Porch

J-16 (Billy Brinks too)

Freddie's garbage/trip/ ice/mattress/trunk&duffel truck

Indoor Campfire

Brad at an indoor campfire

A meeting at the indoor campfire (?)

The last of the indoor campfire shots

The upper row, Junior Camp

The Lower Junior Pines

C-6 -- Midgets preparing for Land's End Overnight

Section Vespers Alter

The Jr./Sr. Shop

Looking up the Jr. path to the Waterfront

J-1, going up or coming down

The "Central Aea"

The "Doctor's Cabin", actually Norm Risser's

The other side of teh Dr's Cabin

Back of J-1

Inside J-1

Cabins 5 and 6

The Infirmary (and nurtzes)