Jeff Grush -- Miscellaneous
Slide Show


J-8, 1967

Mike Freeland, Rich Lamson, Brian Anderson, Fred Lang (top)

Al Neagle, Rick Burbank, , Jeff Grush, Steve Barry

August Campers, '67

Jeff's Hat on the ballfield

And Mark Nickerson on the mound. According to my references, somebody won that one.

Mr. Bentley, indoor Campfire '67

Indoor campfire '67

Campfire '67

Charlie Thomas, Al Ingraham on stage

Dave Clemens, Mike Freeland, Peter Ellis

Farewell Banquet, '67

Tom Falcon, Farewell Banquet

Russ Hatch

Pete Wood

Dick "Goose" Tatum '67

Rich Lamson, '68

Mike Freeland

Parker Island

Parker Island tieup

Perry Neilson

S-5 '69

Sr. Activity selection '68

Senior Campers '69

Senior Lakes Trip

Scott Nickerson, Rich Lamson, Mal O'Hara

Chris Nielsen

Scott Nickerson, Mal O'Hara

Mark Nickerson, Brian Aldrich, Nick Tobey

Wharf, '68