Mike Freeland - Miscellaneous

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The Wharf Sign

The Wyanoke Drum and Cymbal Cacophany Ensemble

Bobby Hildreth, 1969

Brad Bentley. "Good Race, boys."

A camp fire double exposure

Charlie Thomas, middle

Carl Goodwin (bkgnd) and Chris Gill

Chris Gill, some cat

J-8 at cookout, some Thursday evening

Garth Nelson, right, at Crystal Cascades, Mt. Washington

Dave Ayars, ??

Dave Bentley

Bob Dickerman, Bob Vaughn

Doug Hodge

Bart Griffin, Mike Freeland, Mrs. Bentley, Jerrey Cripps, Fred Lang

Cabintown Fair Parade

Farewell Banquet

J-8, 1968

Last day, 1968

Mike Williams, Chris Gill, 1968

Mike Freeland, Mike Williams 1968

Norm Risser at the Farewell Banquet

Pat Freeland and Bruce Hamilton

Board Meeting

Get out the ol' song sheets

Senior Camp

Teddy Flaherty, J-8

Rainy night in the Mahoosucs

Mike Freeland, trip prep

Walt Scheirer

Dan Witter, Bob Arnot, '72

Scaring the pants off the Forest Road Parade observers

Cabintown Fair

Some Juniors

The Sr. Camp FRP

Rope Swing on the Saco

Walt Scheirer, Cabintown

Awarding the Rosette