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For the alumni, families, and friends  of Camp Wyanoke, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire (1909 - 1975),
and Camp Winnemont, Mt. Whittier, New Hampshire (1919 - 1963)



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  1. Announcements -- July 6, 2011

    1. CONGRATULATIONS GARTH! Please look in the Council Room for an announcement about Garth's being awarded the Halsey Gulick Award at the Maine Youth Camping Foundation meeting recently.

    2. Change in the Forum (Council Room) and Personal Photo Galleries: Both the forum and galleries now open in new windows to make returning to the main site simpler.  You no longer have to hit the back arrow key  for days to return to  Just close the window.  Let me know if you have any troubles with this.

    3. New Album in the gallery. I posted some very old photos sent to me by Alex Harris, going back as far as(possibly)1909, but definitely to 1910.  A group shot from about 1932 from Alan Neagle is included.  Thanks to both for taking the time to contribute this material.

    4. Dining Hall Rosters -- Even More in the Galleries:     Through the efforts of Grant Hirst ('48 - '55) and Dave Bentley ('09 by proxy - '75), we now have ALL of the Dining Hall Rosters , 1909 through 1974, posted on the last page of the  Personal Galleries.  Look also in my Old Slides album for larger pictures of the Golden Arms, which Dave took with him to the photog session.  I bet you never expected to see those gain!


    5. WINNEMONT!  The 1956 and 1958, 1959 and 1963 catalogs are up.  The photos Alex included are in the 1963 Catalog album.



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